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3 Important Benefits of Birth Control February 26, 2019

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3 Important Benefits of Birth Control, Fairbanks, Alaska

Unwanted pregnancies can completely change a person’s life and present many challenges. If you don’t intend on having a child, it’s imperative to take preventative measures if you’re still sexually active; and birth control is one of the easiest and most accessible solutions. It has a number of other health care benefits, so consider the following if you’re interested in contraception.

The Top Benefits of Taking Birth Control

1. Reducing Period Pain

health careWomen can experience a number of painful side effects during their period, including cramps, headaches, weakness, and lower back pain. Hormonal birth control prevents ovulation, which can, in turn, reduce period pain. A study by the Guttmacher Institute showed that 31% of women taking birth control experience reduced menstrual pain. Everyone reacts differently, however, so always speak with your health care professional.

2. Preventing Ovarian Cysts

Another advantage of preventing ovulation is that you drastically lower your risk of ovarian cysts. While not dangerous, these cysts that form on the ovaries can cause regular pain. Birth control reduces the likelihood of them. And if you’ve previously had cysts, may prevent them from re-growing.

3. Regulating Menstruation

It’s extremely helpful to anticipate when your period will occur. Birth control helps balance hormones influencing this so you’ll eventually begin to follow a rigid cycle. You’ll be able to better plan around it and may also experience lighter periods from the lack of ovulation. Speak with your doctor and gynecologist about your existing cycle and any concerns you have so they can make adjustments and explore birth control options.


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