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4 Reasons to Eat at Local Food Trucks February 22, 2019

4 Reasons to Eat at Local Food Trucks, Ewa, Hawaii

Food trucks have become a popular dining option for tourists and locals alike. The flexibility of their menu and the mobility of the truck makes them an attractive alternative to regular restaurants. But that’s not all that has contributed to their success. Here are the top four reasons why these businesses have earned such a reliable customer base.

Why You Should Eat at Food Trucks

1. Sample Something New

You can experience an assortment of cuisines from all over the world in a food truck lineup. They tend to specialize in a single type of cuisine, providing the opportunity for customers to sample something new and unique from another country right in their own neighborhood.

2. Experience Local Flavor

If it’s your first time in a city, you can usually find a selection of local favorites at a food truck. Once these businesses are established in a particular area, they incorporate some of the most popular food items into their menu, allowing them to reach a more consistent customer base while catering to those who are new to the area.

3. Simple Takeout Options

food truckSince they’re mobile, food trucks are the place to go for quick takeout options. They use some of the most efficient methods for producing the items on their menu in convenient packages, so you’re set for a meal in your tight schedule. 

4. Fun Family Outing

If it’s a nice evening, grab a meal with your loved ones at a food truck. The variety of options will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, plus the casual atmosphere is perfect for kicking back and savoring the tasty offerings.


Give yourself a break from cooking and treat the family to a meal at Laverne’s! Located at Waikele Shopping Center in Waipahu, HI, this local food truck has over 20 years of experience offering an assortment of Hawaiian lunch and dinner items using only the finest ingredients. Visit their website to check out their menu, or call (808) 551-8214 to learn about their catering options. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their latest dishes.