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5 Solutions to Common Issues Found During Home Inspections February 28, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
5 Solutions to Common Issues Found During Home Inspections, Huntington, New York

While home inspections are not mandatory in every state before buying a home, they’re well worth the investment. Home inspectors frequently uncover many issues requiring resolution before the final sale, including those affecting home safety. Here are some of the most common house issues home inspectors identify and what to do about them.

Common Problems Homebuyers Discover During Home Inspections

1. Old Wiring

Many homes built before the 1980s have aluminum rather than copper wiring. Aluminum wiring does not provide fire resistance like copper does, increasing the risk of electrical fires. Have the wiring replaced by a licensed electrician who can also inspect the circuit breaker. Older home breakers often lack the amps to accommodate modern electronics and appliances.

2. Excessive Basement Moisture

home inspectionsMoisture often builds up in basements and subsequently mold, mildew, and water damage results. Basement waterproofing services in conjunction with gutter system checks and maintenance will keep the space dry. If the gutters are damaged, request replacements to promote proper water flow away from your new home.

3. Foundation Cracks

As a home settles, the shifting can result in foundation cracks that interfere with energy-efficiency and increase vulnerability to insect and vermin infestations. Have foundations cracks filled with epoxy or silicone caulking to solve these issues quickly. Ask for waterproof coating application to further seal the foundation.

4. Roof Problems

Broken and missing shingles, water and mold damage, underlayment deterioration, and flashing problems are among the many issues roofing systems experience, especially older roofs. If the roof on your prospective residence is relatively new, professional repairs should suffice. If the roof is nearing its expiration date, ask for it to be replaced.

5. Faulty Plumbing

Common plumbing issues from old age or lack of maintenance include low water pressure, recurring clogs, standing water, sewage odors, leaks, and water damage on ceilings and walls. Professional drain cleanings can often solve many of these issues, though you may also need your water heater and sewer system examined and repaired.


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