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How Real Estate Agents Should Approach Different Types of Clients March 17, 2019

Wauwatosa, Milwaukee
How Real Estate Agents Should Approach Different Types of Clients, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

During your career in real estate, you will work with a wide variety of clients. Some will be purchasing their first home and others will be downsizing to enjoy retirement. Over time, you will learn to approach each client differently, catering to their unique needs. This guide will help you identify these needs and effectively guide them through the buying process. 

4 Tips for Catering to Your Real Estate Client’s Needs

1. First-Time Homebuyers

Individuals or couples who are buying their first home may need more guidance than seasoned homeowners. They will likely have more questions, so make yourself as accessible as possible. You may want to provide resources to help them learn about applying for a mortgage and identifying the right home for them. When working with new homebuyers, you can also expect to guide their negotiations, since they may not understand the local market or industry well. 

2. Area Newcomers 

real estateWhen a family is new to the area, it’s important to get to know their reasons for moving. They may have moved for a job or to be closer to family, both of which can narrow down their neighborhood preferences. Show them which areas will be close to work or family. Ask questions about their lifestyle and budget as well. Since they don’t know the area well, you will need to narrow down the best locations for their needs and preferences. 

3. Aspiring Downsizers

Clients interested in downsizing generally have a specific reason for doing so. Perhaps they are retired and their children have left the home. They may also be looking to save money and travel more often. When working with these clients, ask them specifically what they are looking for in a home and what lifestyle they picture for themselves. Since they are generally older, they are likely familiar with the market and know what they want. 

4. Growing Families 

When working with young and growing families, discuss their future plans in detail. Ask how many bedrooms they may need in the future, whether they want a large yard, and how long they plan to stay in the home. Discuss the local school districts and which best suits their family’s needs. These details will help you find a home that supports their present and future. Growing families often prefer neighborhoods with other young families, so take this into consideration as well. 


As you grow your career as a real estate agent, you will learn to discuss client needs and cater to their specific preferences. EXIT Realty Upper Midwest will give you the training necessary to work with all types of clients. As the fastest growing real estate firm in Iowa, this team of professionals has when it takes to set you up for a successful career in real estate. Whether you are looking to change careers or are just starting out, a franchise with this agency can be a fulfilling and lucrative opportunity. To learn more about career opportunities in Iowa, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota, visit them online or call (651) 505-3570 today. 

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