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How New Vinyl Siding Enhances Curb Appeal February 25, 2019

Broadway, Crystal
How New Vinyl Siding Enhances Curb Appeal, Crystal, Minnesota

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just renew your pride in its appearance, there’s a lot riding on your property’s siding. These days, homeowners and contractors are ousting traditional wooden planks for vinyl ones—not only for the material’s low-maintenance nature, but also for the boost in curb appeal. If you’re wondering what this switch could do for you, consider the following ways vinyl siding installations make homes more attractive.

Top Ways Vinyl Siding Installations Increase Curb Appeal

1. Addresses Buildup

siding installationOver time, dirt, mold, and other particles will cling to your house, especially porous wood siding. At a certain point, no amount of scrubbing or pressure washing can erase the discoloration. By scheduling a vinyl siding installation, you can increase your property’s curb appeal with spotless siding that won’t stain. When washed, the dense, glossy material allows dirt and allergens to slide right off your home. Those passing by and guests alike will notice your home looking brighter and better, and you won’t have to work as hard to keep it that way.

2. Makes Your House Look Newer

Because vinyl siding only needs to be hosed down to clean it, it will instantly make older, deteriorated homes look like they were built more recently. In addition to the cleanliness factor, you can replace wood siding in a boring or outdated hue with new vinyl siding in a modern color palette. By pressing fast forward on your home’s appearance, you’ll instantly enhance its curb appeal.

3. Can Imitate the Appearance of Other Materials

Let’s say you’re into vinyl siding for the low maintenance perks, but you’re not too keen on the modern look. To enjoy the look of a historic home without the drawbacks of wood, you can install vinyl that’s been manufactured with grain-like textures. This way, it imitates the look of real wood. You can also seek out vinyl siding that’s made to look like stone, which will give your home a strong, stately appearance. Vinyl’s versatility makes it suitable for any style home, as well as much more affordable than genuine wood or stone.


If you’re ready to replace your home’s exterior with vinyl siding, get in touch with Castle Contracting Innovations of Minneapolis, MN. This respected general contractor has experience in everything from lighting to roofing, and they will proudly update your property with a siding installation to maximize its curb appeal. To learn more about their services, visit their Facebook page, or call (763) 205-4435 today.

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