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Colon Cleansing Tips: Reasons to Use a Squatting Stool January 13, 2016

West Side, Manchester
Colon Cleansing Tips: Reasons to Use a Squatting Stool, Manchester, Connecticut

As the colonic specialist at Constance Jones – Colon Hydrotherapy can tell you, your digestive system, which includes your colon, plays an important role in keeping your entire body healthy and happy. The colon works hard to filter out toxins, absorb water, and prepare the body for elimination. When any part of this process is disturbed, bowel movements can become difficult. That’s why Constance Jones prefers using a squatting stool to promote healthy bowel movements.

Here’s why:

  • Easier Elimination: The colon has a natural kink to control movement of the intestines and bladder. When sitting the muscles are tight, therefore making it harder to release. The squatting posture, however, allows the muscles to fully relax making elimination easier.
  • Good Colon Health: The easier the elimination the less you strain while going to the bathroom. Less strain offers more protection to the colon nerves and muscles, easing tension and swelling of hemorrhoids. It also promotes more frequent bowel movements and easier absorption of nutrients.
  • Products: 3 products that Connie likes are: Healthstep by Ginacor, LifeSTEP Poop Stool and Squatty Potty. If you’d like to DIY for less expense, simply use a short step stool, turn a trashcan upside down, or put your feet on a stack of books so that your knees are slightly elevated!

To learn more about colonics and colonic irrigation, give Constance Jones – Colon Hydrotherapy in Manchester, CT a call at (860) 287-4558, or visit her website.

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