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3 Team Building Activities to Bond With New Friends February 21, 2019

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3 Team Building Activities to Bond With New Friends, St. Peters, Missouri

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to find friends through school, sports, or clubs. However, making new friends as an adult can be challenging. Team building activities are one way to break the ice, help you get over the initial awkwardness of getting to know someone, and build long-lasting relationships. Here are some fun ways to bond with your new friends.

3 Fun Team Building Activities for New Friends

1. Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are a fun activity to do with friends you haven’t known for very long, because it allows you to focus on having fun, rather than trying to make conversation. It helps you release your inner child and loosen up during those first awkward stages of friendship. You’ll also learn how your new friends handle a competitive environment.

2. Escape Rooms 

team building activityAn escape room is a live-action adventure game that you play with a group of two to six people. It usually involves a series of puzzles or mysteries you have to solve to get to the next stage. This activity requires teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. By the end, you will all have worked together to accomplish something and made fun memories together.

3. Laser Tag

Laser tag requires teamwork and tactical decision-making, so it’s an excellent way to find out if your new friends like to take the lead or follow the crowd. All team members are put in a unique setting that forces them to adapt to a changing environment. Try forming a group and challenging other players you haven’t met before, so you can work together.

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