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How the Taste of a Cocktail Can Conjure Up Memories February 14, 2019

Flatbush, Brooklyn
How the Taste of a Cocktail Can Conjure Up Memories, Brooklyn, New York

When people think of drinking cocktails, enhanced memory may not be the first experience to come to mind. In fact, for many, drinking too much alcohol may mean missing a few memories here and there. But when you focus on the flavor—and aroma—that a mixed drink presents, you may be able to transport your thoughts to another time and location. If you’re curious about how a few ingredients mixed together in a glass can do all of these things, here are a few intriguing details to know about sense memory and taste.

How Is Taste Linked to Memory?

If you’ve ever eaten a sweet treat and suddenly recalled a moment from your childhood, you know how powerful taste can be in terms of memory. But since every person’s senses—and memory—works differently, it’s difficult for scientists to understand how the connection between taste and the recollection process.

Still, emerging research has suggested that exposure to specific flavors can stimulate brain activity in rats that resembles the same processes of recalling a memory. From these observations, scientists have strong evidence that how we experience flavor can also trigger memories.

cocktailsOne theory for this connection may be that our sense of taste and smell are attributes that have been with us since the early days of man. Before civilization, humankind relied on taste and smell as a way to identify and recall specific threats—such as poisonous foods. While the taste-memory connection is one that may have originated for human survival, it has evolved to help us recall moments in the past that presented similar flavors and smells.

How Does Smell Play a Role in Taste Memory?

If you eat a meal or drink a cocktail with your nose closed, you may not be able to taste it at all. That’s because our olfactory senses—or that of smell—is linked to our ability to taste. In fact, simply smelling a familiar ingredient may cause us to taste it—even if it hasn’t touched the mouth.

Just like taste, smells are linked to memorable events in life. For instance, you might think of your grandma’s kitchen every time you smell cookies baking. Cutting up fresh produce, on the other hand, may remind you of long summer days out in the garden. Given this connection, the combination of taste and smell can present a unique recipe for remembering.


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