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How to Help Your Senior Parents Fight Isolation June 5, 2019

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 How to Help Your Senior Parents Fight Isolation, Lakeville, New York

As your parents get on in years, it’s not uncommon for them to experience feelings of isolation, particularly if they live alone. Fortunately, in addition to home elderly care, there are a number of ways you can help renew their new sense of purpose in life. To help enrich their golden years, here’s a helpful guide.

How to Help Eliminate Senior Isolation

1. Help Foster Socialization

When seniors are left alone for long stretches of time, they can begin to experience feelings of isolation and depression. To prevent this, encourage them to socialize with friends and family members. Look for volunteer opportunities so they can interact with like-minded individuals and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. If they’re not able to get around easily, offer to drive them or help them arrange transportation.

2. Renew Their Sense of Purpose

home elderly careOnce seniors are retired and no longer applying themselves to a career, many find themselves without a sense of purpose. To help get them back on their feet, encourage them to invest their time into a hobby. Whether it’s golfing, gardening, sewing, reading, or senior yoga, helping them focus on a task can relieve depression, stop negative thoughts, and keep their minds occupied. If mobility is an issue and leaving the home isn’t an option, consider gifting them something like a plant to look after and boost their mood.

3. Show Your Love & Appreciation

You may be surprised how much something like a simple phone call or stopping by home elderly care to visit can make a parent’s day. Try to be present and truly listen to your parent’s needs when you visit. Physical affection such as hugging can also address depression and make your parent feel loved and needed.


Placing your parents in home elderly care can be an ideal solution for addressing feelings of isolation. Serving the Finger Lakes region in New York, Lifetime Care was first founded in 1960 to provide compassionate services for those who are ill, injured, dying, or grieving. Recognized as Top Agency of the 2016 HomeCare Elite®, Lifetime Care is one of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States. This 501(c)(3) charitable organization’s offerings include home health care, infusion pharmacy services, therapy groups, and wellness workshops to support the community. To discuss your home elderly care needs, call (585) 214-1000 or visit them online for more information.

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