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3 Tips for Keeping Cats From Playing With Window Treatments February 21, 2019

Lahaina, Maui
3 Tips for Keeping Cats From Playing With Window Treatments, Lahaina, Hawaii

Although window treatments add functionality and beauty to your home, they’re also highly attractive to curious cats eager to play with and chew on something new. Your beloved pets don’t realize how delicate blinds, shades, and draperies are, but you can take steps to protect them. Here’s what you need to know.

Everything You Need to Know About Cats & Window Treatments

1. Tie the Cords

It’s not unusual for cats to paw at the cords that maneuver blinds and other window treatments. This may cause the cord to become tangled or, worse, to pose a threat to your furry friend. Affix a hook high on the wall and wind the cord around it to prevent your cat from reaching for it.  

2. Assign a Window

Maui, HI window treatmentsSometimes it’s the allure of sitting by the window and gazing at the world that is particularly appealing to cats. If you find they’re constantly fussing with your window treatments, assign a certain window to your cat so they can luxuriously watch the world without worry. Avoid using any coverings on that window entirely so that they can sit peacefully; this should also prevent them from jumping on other windows in the house.

3. Spray Some Citrus

Citrus smells unpleasant to cats. If they detect a hint of lemon, orange, or lime, they’re likely to move away from the area quickly. You might add a citrus-based air freshener to the space near the windows in question, or place a bowl of dried citrus peels nearby. Because cats naturally steer clear of the scent, they aren’t likely to approach. You can also create a blend of equal parts lemon and eucalyptus oils and spritz it in the area to create a cat-free zone that protects your draperies and other treatments from possible damage.


Your window treatments provide both functionality and aesthetic beauty to your home. The experts at Lahaina Carpet and Interiors are committed to helping you find the perfect options for every room! Serving all of Maui, HI, they take pride in their vast selection of draperies, blinds, and solar shades, along with other products that meet your style preferences and elevate the look of your house. Visit the company online to browse their options, or give them a call at (808) 661-4268.

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