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4 FAQ About Excavation February 21, 2019

Victor, Ontario
4 FAQ About Excavation, Victor, New York

When planning a construction project, you will likely need to schedule several excavations. Each of these will require specific safety equipment, measurements, and inspection. By planning effectively and hiring the right construction company, you can ensure that the entire excavation process goes smoothly. The following guide will help you understand the basics of excavation. 

Your Excavating Questions, Answered

Can anyone perform an excavation?

As with any large-scale construction project, excavating should be left to the professionals. Excavation companies will plan the project precisely and complete the job safely. They will also excavate on the construction site without causing damage to the surrounding environment. 

What risks are associated with excavating?

constructionOne of the main risks of excavation is underlying utility lines. If a property owner does not schedule an inspection and obtain the proper permits, they could hit an electrical, gas, cable, or water line. These types of accidents could cause temporary damage to utilities or dangerous accidents. This is why it’s always important that contractors and excavation companies check if any utility lines are present. 

How can you find a reputable excavation company?

When scheduling a project, find a company that handles both construction and excavation. This way, they can take care of every stage of the build. Find a company with several years of experience and a focus on your region. By choosing a local company, you will know that they are used to excavating in the local soil and understand the climate. 

How should property owners prepare for excavations?

The excavation company will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for the project. You will need to schedule a site inspection and understand the necessary safety measures. Ask the company about emergency preparedness and forming a specific evacuation plan. 


When it comes to construction and excavations, you need a company you can trust. Victor Enterprises has the equipment and knowledge necessary to complete the job safely and effectively. In addition to construction, they also provide freight and logistics services to clients in Ontario County, NY. This team can ensure that your goods are transported in a safe and timely manner. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (585) 742-2232 today. 

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