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5 Warning Signs of Electrical Danger February 27, 2019

Pico Rivera, Whittier
5 Warning Signs of Electrical Danger, Whittier, California

Electrical malfunctions are the fourth most common cause of home fires. There are a few warning signs, however, that will let you know before danger strikes that your property is unsafe. Below are the top indicators that you need an electrician.

Electrical Warnings That Your Home Is Unsafe

1. Burning Smell

When you notice a faint burning odor, but you can’t place it, you may have a short circuit. It may be arching, meaning there is a hazardous break in the circuit that can spark. You may also notice smoke, which is the beginning of a dangerous electrical fire. These issues can occur in the walls and will require an electrician to inspect and fix them before a fire starts.

2. Outlet Trouble

If arching is occurring, you may notice charring or discoloring near the light switches and outlets. They can feel hot to the touch or will spark when in use. These small fires will lead to much more damage if they’re not handled quickly. Don’t use the outlet until an electrician can assess it. You might require rewiring, especially if it’s an older home.

3. Tripping Breakers

electricianFrequent breaker tripping indicates that your circuits are overloaded, or they are short circuiting. When breakers constantly trip, they will eventually wear down to the point where they are not doing their job to protect you. In some cases, the panel may even spark, which is incredibly dangerous and should be looked at by an electrician as soon as possible.

4. Flickering Lights

Flickering does not always mean imminent danger, but it might. If tightening or replacing the bulbs does not resolve the issues, there may be faulty wiring or loose connections in the fixture. An electrician can determine if the problem is the wrong bulb for your wattage or a deeper issue inside the light fixture.

5. Strange Sounds

Faulty wiring can cause strange sounds from fixtures and inside the walls. While some types of bulbs are inherently noisy, like fluorescent ones, others should not make buzzing or clicking sounds. If your fixtures are suddenly making odd noises, the wiring and connections need electrical repairs.


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