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What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps February 28, 2019

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What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps, Liberty, Ohio

Heat pumps are essential for helping HVAC systems effectively distribute warm air. Understanding how they work and the signs of a failing heat pump can help you seek out necessary maintenance and repair services as quickly as possible, so you can keep your home comfortable. To help you understand what these devices are and how they can effectively warm your home, here are some of the top questions you might ask a heating contractor.

FAQ About Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a climate control device that uses mechanical energy to transfer heat from space to space. Basically, heat naturally spreads out to cooler areas, but this type of pump reverses that transfer to increase the temperature in your home—even when it’s significantly colder outside.

How does it work?

heating contractorA heat pump usually consists of two elements; there’s an air handler that’s placed indoors, and the actual heat pump unit is placed outdoors and resembles a central AC unit. The pump basically absorbs heat from the outdoor air and then distributes it into your home. Heat pumps also include a cooling mode that absorbs warmth from the indoor air and distributes it outside.

What type of maintenance do they need?

Heat pumps have maintenance needs that are similar to other HVAC units. You should check the filter about once per month during peak use and change it as needed. Then, schedule seasonal HVAC inspections, so your heating contractor can identify any potential issues that may be making your pump operate less efficiently.

What are some common breakdowns that might require repairs or a replacement?

If you notice uneven heating, higher than usual energy bills, leaks around the unit, or clicking noises coming from your pump, you could be dealing with a broken unit. It’s always best to have a heating contractor perform a full inspection to determine whether repairs or a replacement might be your best option. However, these units normally last for about 15 years, so if you’re approaching that milestone, it may be time to invest in a new system.


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