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5 Essential Tips for Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties March 6, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
5 Essential Tips for Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties, Manhattan, New York

Birthday parties are special milestone events for kids that let you celebrate the life of your little one with great friends, food, gifts, and fun. However, planning these gatherings isn’t always as simple as enjoying the party itself. With a few simple steps, you can make the planning process significantly easier and also make the party more exciting for your child and all of their guests. Here are some suggestions to help you plan a party in honor of your child’s special day.

A Guide to Planning Children’s Birthday Parties

1. Be Specific on Invitations

Making sure your guests are prepared with details regarding the time and location of the event is critical to pulling off a successful birthday party, so lay out all the essential information on your invitations. In addition, let parents know if they are expected to stay or if they should drop kids off, and if kids should prepare to bring any special items with them, such as a sleeping bag for a slumber party. Also, let them know the details of the party menu to take inventory of guests’ food allergies.

2. Choose a Theme

Having a theme in mind can help you narrow down food and activity concepts as you plan, and make the party more memorable for the kids who attend. Get input from your child about their favorite shows, cartoon characters, or even colors. This way, you can draw inspiration from what they already love as you organize your party plans.

3. Include Kid-Friendly Food

Kids tend to be picky eaters. Even if your child is open to different foods, your guests may not be, especially if any note having any particular food sensitivities. When planning the menu for kids’ birthday parties, it’s best to have at least some basic staples on hand, like sandwiches, pizza, and cake.

4. Plan Plenty of Activities

birthday partiesWithout a set agenda, children are likely to get bored. Keeping kids occupied with games and organized activities will keep them entertained throughout the party. Hire a magician or entertainer for part of the afternoon, set up a tournament where kids can win prizes, or bring supplies for age-appropriate, collaborative activities, like a parachute.

5. Keep Kids Active

Children have plenty of energy, and this can intensify when given the opportunity to play together in a party setting. While lots of activity is a clear indication they’re having fun, it’s also important to manage this energy to prevent any accidents. Organize activities that allow kids to burn off excess energy in a controlled fashion, like scavenger hunts or charades.


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