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A Guide to Bamboo Removal February 22, 2019

Jessup, Anne Arundel
A Guide to Bamboo Removal, Jessup, Maryland

Often mistaken as a type of tree, bamboo is a hardy grass species that can survive in a variety of environments. It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world and has many applications; however, it can prove invasive to residential landscapes. If the dense grass has taken over your yard, bamboo remediation is often the only solution. 

What Is Bamboo Remediation & Why Is It Needed?

Clumping vs. Running

Bamboo remediation starts by determining whether the invasion is running or clumping. Running bamboo is extremely difficult to remove without professional assistance because the rhizomes, or underground stems, can spread horizontally over many acres. Clumping bamboo has shorter rhizomes that typically stay close to the plant. Your bamboo remediation team will devise a treatment plan once they determine what type they are working with, as running bamboo requires significantly more labor.

Removing the Root Systems

bamboo remediationRegardless of bamboo type, your remediation team must remove the entire root system to keep the plant from coming back. This starts with cutting bamboo as close to the ground as possible before digging out the rhizomes, which are typically removed in large chunks. If you have running bamboo, you will probably need more than one digging session to completely eradicate the plant. Bamboo remediation teams also usually follow up at the end of summer—the plant’s growing season—to check for leftover rhizomes.

Why Professional Removal Is Best

Tree service experts specializing in bamboo remediation have the experience and know-how to completely eliminate the species from your property. They know how to dig out the plant and avoid using temporary remedies such as tarps. While tarps smother existing bamboo, it does not stop the grass from cropping up elsewhere because the root systems are still intact. Isolating the infestation with buried plastic can work but requires extensive digging and means you’ll have inorganic materials in your soil.


When you need bamboo remediation services, contact Columbia Tree & Lawn Service. Licensed and bonded in the state of Maryland, this landscaping company provides residents throughout Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, and Montgomery counties with services that keep their lawns and gardens healthy. Call (410) 740-5444 today for an estimate or visit the online gallery to see their work. 

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