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Should You Be Concerned About Icicles on Gutters? February 14, 2019

Should You Be Concerned About Icicles on Gutters?, ,

You know it’s winter when you see icicles decorating the edges of your home’s roof. But are these frozen features more dangerous than they look? In reality, these icicles may indicate a larger roofing problem, put your gutters in danger, and jeopardize your household’s safety. To help shed more light on this issue, here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to icicles on your home—and how a gutter contractor can help.  

Why Are Icicles a Problem?

Ice Dams & Drainage Issues

gutter contractorWhen you’ve got the heat on, the hot air will rise to the roof. If it doesn’t have a place to escape—such as a vent—the heat will penetrate the roof and cause any snow on top to melt. The resulting water will trickle down to the much-colder eaves and gutters where it will freeze and form icicles and what’s known as an ice dam.

Ice dams form barriers on the edges of the roof and in the gutters that prevent water from running off properly. This can lead to severe leaks and water damage that will require the attention of a roofing contractor.

Gutter Damage

If icicles have formed on gutter edges, it means that there is likely more ice inside the drainage pathway. In addition to blocking drainage, this ice presents extra weight that can pull down on the gutter system. In minor cases, the problem may cause the gutters to droop. In more severe instances, entire segments may fall off and require replacement from a gutter contractor.

Safety Risks

Icicles can fall at any moment. While some may be small and insignificant, others are hefty and sharp to a point. If these icicles come loose, they can harm any person or animal below it.  

How Should You Address Icicles on Gutters?

The first step to preventing icicles is to make sure your attic has adequate ventilation and insulation. A roofing contractor can inspect these elements and install them correctly to ensure that hot air escapes properly and ice dams are unable to form.

But even with that protection, you may find that cold gutters still cause icicles to develop. To lower the risk, consult a gutter contractor about heat cable installation. Essentially, these powered strips produce enough heat to melt ice and allow proper drainage. Installing gutter guards may also help keep ice out of the drainage pathway.


Whether you’re in need of roof repairs or gutter replacement, Bulldog Contractors is equipped to make your home winter-ready. As a leading roofing and gutter contractor of Minnesota, Colorado, and Texas, these skilled professionals can install ventilation, update insulation, repair roofing, and replace gutters with durable, weather-resistant materials. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this local build restoration team online. For estimates and service requests, call to reach the Lakeville, MN, office (612) 799-8707.

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