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How to Wash a Down Pillow March 1, 2019

Mason, Warren
How to Wash a Down Pillow, Mason, Ohio

Your bed is a comfy sanctuary within your home. It is a place to rest and unwind without worry. So, for complete relaxation, it’s best to keep it clean. While washing your blankets is fairly straightforward, you might not be sure how to wash your pillows. This guide will break down the basics of properly cleaning a down pillow

Tips for Washing Your Down Pillows

1. Wash in Pairs

It’s always best to wash your pillows in pairs. By doing so, you can make the wash load more balanced and ensure they both are thoroughly washed. If you are using a front-load washing machine, place the pillows horizontally. Load the pillows vertically if you are using a top-load washer. 

2. Add the Right Products

Use a gentle liquid detergent to wash your pillows, as harsh cleaners can irritate your skin or discolor the fabric. Powder detergent can be difficult to rinse off. Avoid using fabric softener, since this additive can reduce the fluffy volume of the pillow. Non-chlorine bleach is your best bet for whitening the fabric. 

3. Dial Up the Speed

down pillowsOnce you add the cleaning products to your washing machine, it’s time to pick the right settings. Since pillows hold moisture, choose a high spin speed. This will wick away more water during the cycle. An extra rinse cycle can then remove any lingering detergent on the pillow. As for temperature, hot water kills any allergy-causing dust mites in your pillow. If you don’t want to use hot water or are worried about shrinkage, use warm or cool water instead. 

3. Dry Thoroughly 

Pillows can be tricky to dry, so you might need to run it through multiple dryer cycles. To preserve the shape of the pillow and feathers inside, choose a lower heat setting. Fluff the pillow between cycles to prevent flattening. Once you are sure that the pillows are completely dry, fluff them one more time and put them in pillowcases. If they still seem slightly damp, run them for another cycle to prevent mold growth. 


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