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5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Patio February 22, 2019

Long Valley, Morris County
5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Patio, Long Valley, New Jersey

Spring isn’t far, which makes it a good time to start planning your garden landscaping projects. When used correctly, flowers and trees can turn any patio into a backyard paradise that your family can enjoy throughout the warm months. Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect outdoor space.

A Guide to Patio Landscaping

1. Screen the Area With a Wall of Trees

To create privacy from passersby and nearby residences, screen off your patio with a border of trees. More aesthetically appealing than a manufactured fence, it will also create an effective windbreak, adding to the tranquility of the area.

2. Arrange a Cascading Tier of Flower Pots

landscapingOptimize your space with vertical rather than horizontal arrangements. A stepladder and a few flowerpots will create a beautiful display of color, and when you get tired of the look, you can simply switch out the flower pots for new ones.

3. Select Plants Based on the Season

You should plan your yard with the growing season in mind. In New Jersey, daffodils and tulips are perfect for spring, while asters and chrysanthemums can replace them in fall. This will provide splashes of color during all the seasons that you spend time outside.

4. Support Pots on the Patio Railing

If there’s a railing around your patio, mount plants on it. As well as setting small flower pots on the corners, take advantage of hanging pots or install a window box planter. Rails can also make wonderful supports for hanging ivy.

5. Plant Strategic Shade Trees

To keep the sun out of your eyes while you lounge outside, plant trees in positions where they won’t crowd the yard but still offer maximum shade for the patio. The New Jersey Shade Tree Federation® provides excellent resources on growing and caring for trees in the region. Sweet birch and American holly trees are both popular choices because of their resilience and bright coloring.


If you’re seeking experts to assist with the landscaping around your patio, contact DRS Lawn & Landscape in Morris County, NJ. With nearly three decades of experience, they provide a range of services from lawn maintenance to masonry assistance. Learn more today by contacting them online or calling (908) 879-0600.

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