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3 Ways a Home Garage Door Boosts ROI February 20, 2019

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3 Ways a Home Garage Door Boosts ROI, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

If you ever put your house up for sale, potential buyers will have a keen eye for extra amenities not seen at other properties. A garage door is an effective way to improve the return on your investment and woo more buyers. Here are several instances of how an upgrade can continue to reap dividends long after its installation.

How Home Garage Doors Improve ROI

1. Offers Better Conveniences

Today’s garages are designed to make entries and exits faster and seamless. When you have a new door installed, your ROI improves because these points of entry become a reliable convenience. On frigid mornings or late nights, you won’t have to worry about unexpected malfunctions from an outdated door. You can also accessorize with innovative door openers and safety features such as obstacle detection.

2. Enhances Curb Appeal

garage doorsYour house’s exterior is the first visual shoppers see, and initial impressions are everything. If a garage door is old, unsightly, or not working, the experience could be a turn-off. A new door enhances the overall look of the home and entices browsers to go inside.

3. Adds Extra Security

Vehicle theft is a common crime that threatens homeowners. If your existing garage door is faulty or not functional, it probably won’t deter thieves from breaking in. Many new doors come equipped with additional security features designed to curb theft. These include alarm systems, locks, and sturdier materials such as aluminum and solid wood.


Investing in a new garage door pays for your investment by keeping your home visually appealing and safe. For more than 25 years, Doorworks Inc in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, has been the trusted, go-to resource for professional installation, maintenance, and repair services. The team of licensed technicians has extensive experience with a wide range of garage door options. You can count on them to get the job done right the first time. The locally owned firm also specializes in commercial overhead door services for a variety of industries. If you’ve been thinking about a garage door upgrade, call (715) 424-5777 to arrange a complimentary consultation. Visit the website for more information on their complete lineup of products and services.

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