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Fresh Start Through Chapter 7 February 13, 2019

Groton, New London
Fresh Start Through Chapter 7, Groton, Connecticut

We are now in to another new year.  The new years resolutions have been made.  One popular resolution is to get out of debt and start fresh.  If that is the direction you want to go, call the Law Office Of M. Grater, LLC, located in Groton Connecticut at 860-449-8069.  Under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, if you can pass the so-called “means test” and budget test, which the great majority of those in financial trouble do pass, you can totally discharge all of your unsecured debt (i.e., credit cards, loans, medical bills, etc.) 100% and get a fresh start.  To determine if you qualify to rid yourself of debt and get a fresh start, please call or go to my web cite at and set up a free appointment to determine if you qualify.  We are a debt relief agency under the bankruptcy Code.

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