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Sports Drinks vs. Water for Kids Sports Games February 21, 2019

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Sports Drinks vs. Water for Kids Sports Games, Rush, New York

What your child consumes is a crucial part of their dental care, and for kids who are athletes, sports drinks can be a common beverage choice during practices and games. While drinking one occasionally won’t cause harm, water is generally a better option. Here’s why you should choose water over sports drinks.

The Dangers of Sports Drinks

Sports drinks often contain acidic juices for flavoring, giving them a high pH level. As a result, sports drinks have been shown to significantly dissolve enamel, the protective layer of your teeth. These drinks are also high in sugars, which coat your child’s teeth and attract bacteria. When the bacteria feed on sugar, they excrete an acidic substance that also breaks down enamel. On top of this, dehydration and dry mouth caused by exertion prevent adequate saliva production, which has antibacterial properties that fight cavities. These conditions can lead to tooth decay even if your child brushes every day. 

The Benefits of Water

dental careOn the other hand, water has zero risks and many benefits for your child’s dental care. It keeps kids hydrated and prevents dry mouth during games and practices, reducing the bacteria that contribute to cavities. There’s no sugar or calories in water to cause decay, and it washes away bacteria and residue stuck to your child’s teeth. Plus, if the water is fluoridated—as it often is—it will strengthen their teeth and fight plaque, preventing cavities. Finally, water lowers your child’s risk for gum disease by limiting gum irritation caused by tartar, dryness, and food buildups.


When you need more advice for keeping your children’s teeth healthy, contact Diane M Evans DDS in Monroe County, NY. She provides quality dental care for the whole family. She and her team will use their expertise to provide individualized care that takes into account your child’s active lifestyle. They offer comprehensive services, including teeth cleanings and implants. To learn more about their dental care services, visit them online or call (585) 321-1460. 

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