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5 Reasons to Have Portable Toilets at Your Construction Site February 21, 2019

Gridley, Butte
5 Reasons to Have Portable Toilets at Your Construction Site, Gridley, California

As a construction professional, you know it's common to have portable toilets on a construction site. However, sometimes decision makers in the industry hope to save money by eliminating port-a-potty rentals from the budget. Here's why that's a bad idea, and how portable toilets can actually save you money and hassle in the long run.

Why Have Portable Toilets

1. Keep the Space Clean

If you don't supply toilets for your construction workers, they're going to use the closest available bathroom—which often means one they've just installed in your unfinished building. To avoid having a mess to clean up before the job is even done, it's better to give them their own place to go.

2. Save Time

Portable ToiletsWhen there are no bathrooms on site, your employees will spend extra time going back and forth to the closest business which has them. This cuts into the time they could be working and can cause unnecessary delays.

3. Improve Morale

One of the fastest ways to make your employees resent you is to make simple, unavoidable needs like meals and restrooms difficult to access. Portable toilets on site will help keep your workers happy—which means they'll be more productive and more cooperative, and you'll experience less turnover.

4. Keep Unions Happy

California is home to thriving construction workers' unions, which can greatly aid or impede your project depending on how well you work with them. Treating your workers well and providing the necessary facilities will help you avoid any run-ins with these organizations.

5. Comply With Workplace Regulations

OSHA regulations specify that workers need access to "sanitary and immediately-available toilet facilities" and that they can't be prevented or unreasonably delayed from using them. Providing restrooms on site ensures you can comply with these guidelines.


If you need to arrange portable toilets for your construction project or another event, choose Ben Toilet Rentals in Gridley, CA. Serving Butte County, they offer 24-hour service including both basic and luxury toilets, serviced by a fleet of over 25 trucks. To rent toilets and schedule maintenance, call (800) 767-8276 or send a message online.

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