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What Are the Best Accessories for Your MacBook®? March 10, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
What Are the Best Accessories for Your MacBook®?, St. Petersburg, Florida

MacBook® laptops come equipped with the best specifications, enclosed in a sleek, beautiful chassis. However, if you still want to up the ante and unleash its full potential, there are a few ways to go about it. Start by investing in premium accessories that protect your laptop and make it easier to work on. Here are a few essentials that should make your shopping list.

4 Accessories to Consider for Your MacBook

1. Wireless Mouse

Using the track pad can be an efficient way to get work done on your laptop, but it’s not always easy to use for tasks that require precise cursor movements. This is where a wireless mouse comes in handy. The Magic Mouse® is a wireless device that lets you make helpful gestures, like clicking, dragging, swiping, and scrolling, on its multitouch surface. It’s tactile and ergonomic, allowing you to work longer and do a broader range of tasks.

2. External Hard Drive

Beef up your internal storage with a heavy-duty external hard drive. Depending on your needs, there are portable hard drives that can handle up to 4 TB of data. Sleek and small, they are portable enough to lug around—without compromising functionality and performance. 

3. Laptop Sleeve or Bag

macbookTransporting your MacBook for work on the go makes it prone to mishandling and possible damage. Reduce such risks with a thick, well-padded sleeve or bag. Pick one that fits well with your laptop and has multiple compartments and pockets for your accessories and peripherals. If you use your laptop daily, choose a sleeve that is sturdy and can withstand heavy use. 

4. Port Hub

MacBook laptops become increasingly smaller, sacrificing a few ports in the process. Solve this quandary with expansion hub adapters. Just plug the peripheral device in to have more room for flash drives, SD cards, and USB cables.


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