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A Guide to Selecting Nursery Paint Colors February 21, 2019

Purcell, McClain
A Guide to Selecting Nursery Paint Colors, Purcell, Oklahoma

Preparing for a new baby is a major responsibility. One of the areas that requires the most focus is the nursery, which you want to feel soothing and welcoming. However, if you are having a hard time deciding on wall colors, talk over the following possibilities with the painting contractor.

How to Choose Paint for the Nursery

1. Opt for a Classic

While traditional blues for boys and pinks for girls are go-to choices, they may not be the enduring colors you hope for in a few years. It could be that your little girl favors purple as she grows up, for example, or your son prefers navy. With those thoughts in mind, keep the long-term possibilities open as you discuss options with the painting contractor. Commit to a timeless classic that is more appropriate for all ages, like a soft coral or green.

Lindsay, OK painting contractor2. Choose Shades That Calm

Think of the quality time you and the baby will spend in the nursery over the years. It’s a place to rest, relax, feed, and sleep, and the colors in the space should reflect those gentle activities well. Avoid anything too vibrant or jarring; these hues could even distract the baby if they’re rich or bold. Soft, warm, airy, and light shades are ideal for capturing the true essence of the nursery, and they’ll promote positivity at the same time.

3. Paint Around the Decor

If you’re stumped for ideas and don’t want to lead the painting contractor in the wrong direction, consider planning the room’s color around the decor. You might already have a theme in mind or may have purchased bedding for the crib already. Think of the shades in these palettes and take your cue from there. This also contributes to a beautiful, cohesive look.


Is it time to paint your baby’s nursery? While waiting for your new arrival, turn to the painting contractors at CCS Painting. Based in Lindsay, OK, these qualified professionals take pride in providing you with outstanding interior and exterior painting services. Visit the website for more on their offerings or call them at (405) 802-1235 to schedule a free estimate.

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