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5 Ways to Improve Care for Those With Parkinson’s Disease May 29, 2019

Lakeville, Livingston
5 Ways to Improve Care for Those With Parkinson’s Disease, Lakeville, New York

Gradually affecting specific areas of the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease causes a variety of debilitating symptoms—such as tremors, limb rigidity, slow movement, depression, sleep disorders, and cognitive decline. While there is no cure for this disease, lifestyle treatments can improve the quality of life among those with Parkinson’s. If you have a loved one with this disease, here are a few ways you can enhance their home health care and support their overall sense of wellness.  

5 Caregiver Tips for Parkinson’s

1. Manage Prescriptions Properly

To help your loved one stay on top of their condition—and prevent further decline—it’s critical to keep their medications organized and provide them as directed by a doctor. Refill all prescriptions ahead of schedule to ensure you’re not left without enough medication.

2. Embrace Physical Activity

Despite fluctuating physical limitations, exercise is still important for people with Parkinson’s. In fact, emerging research suggests exercise may help protect the brain from the disease. Help your loved stay active with low-impact activities—such as walking, stationary biking, and tai chi. Working with a physical therapist can help individuals retrain and strengthen their bodies to make physical activity easier.  

3. Create a Safe Living Environment

home health careDue to balance and gait issues, people with Parkinson’s face an increased risk of fall injuries whenever they sit, stand, or walk. One way to minimize this danger is to keep a hazard-free home that is equipped with safety rails for support. For greater independence, it can help to organize the home in a way that reduces the need for stairs and makes all essential items easily accessible on one floor.

4. Monitor Symptoms

To make sure your loved one is living as comfortably and independently as possible, it’s critical to keep an eye on symptoms and take notes of any changes of concern. Communicate these changes to a doctor to determine if new therapies or medications may be needed.

5. Consider Professional Home Health Care

While you may be responsible for caring for your loved one, it’s always important to make sure you’re able to care for yourself. Whether you need extra support a few days a week or require daily assistance, professional home health care providers are a great resource to have. In addition to personalized medical and personal support, home aides are also trained to provide their clients with companionship and support.  


Providing comprehensive home health services to families across New York’s Finger Lakes region, Lifetime Care can help you find the extra support you need to address Parkinson’s disease. Whether managing medications or providing help around the house, this network of trained home aides will provide the one-on-one care that your loved one needs. Visit this experienced home health agency online for more details regarding their comprehensive home health care and acute rehabilitation services. To inquire about or arrange care, call (585) 214-1000 for Rochester, (800) 598-4995 for Lakeville, or (315) 331-7990 to reach their Newark location.