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How to Avoid Common Types of Porcelain Tub Damage March 4, 2019

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How to Avoid Common Types of Porcelain Tub Damage, Clinton, Connecticut

Over time and after continued use, porcelain tubs may show signs of wear. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit the visible damage and extend the usable life of your fixture. To keep your bath looking its best, use the guide below. 

What to Know About Porcelain Tub Damage

What Types of Damage You May Encounter

While these baths are sturdier and longer-lasting than fiberglass, they can still eventually show damage. Certain problems, like water damage and staining, happen over time and will compound unless addressed. They’re also at risk of cracks or chipping due to hard impacts. If a glaze wasn’t correctly applied or is aging, it can also lead to peeling. Additionally, these tubs aren’t made of pure porcelain; instead, they consist of a porcelain coating over an iron base. If the surface is damaged, water can reach the iron underneath, causing rust. 

How to Protect Your Tub

porcelain tubThere are easy ways to guard against damage. Even if your tub has a horizontal ledge, avoid placing bottles and toiletries on it. These items may actually accelerate water damage, as they create areas where liquid can linger and soap scum can accumulate. Install a hanging alternative that allows the excess water to drain away, or keep items on a tray, shelf, or the floor nearby. This will also reduce the likelihood that a heavy item will fall over the side and chip the surface. 

You can also help protect your bathtub and shower by rinsing the walls and sides to remove a buildup of suds, skin cells, and hair after each bath. Deep cleanings should also be performed at regular intervals to protect the surface from a dingy or dull appearance. Use gentle cloths and cleaning solutions rather than harsh scrubbers or abrasive chemicals. 

If the underside of your porcelain tub isn’t coated, check it regularly for signs of rust. If you notice any, call a professional promptly for sandblasting. Lastly, if you have a leaky faucet, repair it quickly to prevent discoloration, especially if your home has hard water. 

What to Do If Damage Occurs

If your model is cracked or peeling, have it reglazed before the problem worsens. A skilled reglazing expert will use long-lasting materials like acrylic or polyurethane to create protection. Prompt repairs will head off problems such as extensive oxidation that could necessitate full tub replacement.  


If your damaged porcelain tub needs TLC, call Porcelain Glaze. Serving Middlesex County, CT, for over 30 years, their team is skilled in a variety of bathroom remodeling projects. From bathtub refinishing to tile reglazing to the installation of antique tubs, they offer custom options to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Learn more about this company and their reputation for superior quality by visiting their website. Give them a call directly at (860) 669-2576 to get started on your next project. 

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