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How to Ease the Transition to Home Care For Your Aging Parent March 13, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
How to Ease the Transition to Home Care For Your Aging Parent, Brooklyn, New York

Arranging home care for your senior can benefit the entire family in many ways. Your loved one will be able to maintain their independence and continue to live at home, while allowing you to maintain your daily activities with peace of mind. You’ll be confident that your loved one is taken care of by a professional health aide who is thoroughly trained and certified to administer medication and even create a nutrition plan. This change, however, can be initially difficult for your senior. Below are a few tips for making the transition easier on your parent. 

3 Ways to Help A Senior Adjust to Home Care

1. Write Out Your Loved One’s Routine

Does your parent like to watch the news at a certain time every day? Do they like to rotate between just two or three dishes for dinner every night? Although it may be in your loved one’s best interests to alter some aspects of their routine, it’s best to share all details with the new provider. A compassionate caregiver will try to implement familiar components of the old routine into the new one whenever possible.  

2. Stay Involved 

home careDepending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to take a step back while your parent adjusts to the new caregiver. Otherwise, they may continue to rely on you, and the provider will be unable to perform the services you’ve arranged for. However, after the caregiver takes over, it’s important to stay involved so your parent knows you will always be there. A caregiver will allow you to spend quality time with your loved one instead of completing tasks around the home. 

3. Prepare the House

After hiring a caregiver, make sure to prepare the home for their arrival. A reputable and credible home care agency screens all of their caregivers, registered nurses, medical social workers, and other health specialists to ensure they provide high-quality and meticulous care. To ensure they can perform their job to the fullest, let them know where they can find essential items—medications for your loved one, food, cleaning supplies, and extra towels and blankets. Make sure to leave your parent’s medical information in an accessible area—on the fridge or near a phone—so the caregiver can refer to it when necessary. 



For quality elderly care in Brooklyn, NY, turn to Safe Haven Home Care. This full-service agency was founded by Rouandy Pascal, a compassionate registered nurse who has been caring for patients in the comfort of their own home for more than 25 years. The agency’s services include physical therapy, domestic help, meal preparation, and speech therapy. They even offer live-in home health aids for residents in Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. To discuss your family’s needs, call (718) 968-6970 or visit their website for more information about their services. 

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