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3 Ways to Figure Out if Your Console’s HDMI Port Is Damaged February 20, 2019

Parkville, Baltimore County
3 Ways to Figure Out if Your Console’s HDMI Port Is Damaged, Parkville, Maryland

Whether you prefer stealth, first-person shooter, or role-playing games, if you’re a console gamer, you know the HDMI port is one of the most important pieces of hardware. Unless you have an older model with an additional composite AV output, it’s the only way to connect your game to the TV or monitor. However, it can be difficult to know whether the HDMI port should be repaired or not. To determine whether you need this specific type of game system repair, try the following.

Game System Repair Troubleshooting for HDMI Issues

1. Check the Power

A lack of audio or video is a common sign the HDMI port or the cable itself is damaged. However, you’ll need to first check whether your console is booting at all. Different consoles have different start-up sequences but generally, once you use the controller to turn it on, a light will glow on the console; you may also hear a beep. If nothing happens, you may need game system repairs; there could be something wrong with the power source. However, if it does light up as usual, then it may be an HDMI issue.

2. Try Different Cables

game system repairIf your console boots up without a problem, but you’re still not getting anything on the screen, or it’s pixelated and fuzzy, try using other HDMI cables if you have them. Like any other cable, they can deteriorate, especially if they’re cheap and poorly made. While it may seem like a hassle to invest in more expensive cables, it’s a simpler solution than getting game system repairs.

3. Look for Damage

Finally, if the power’s fine and new cords aren’t helping, power down the console, unplug everything, and turn it around. Look for any physical damage to the port, such as a bent or broken shield or missing pins. This is usually caused by yanking the HDMI cord too frequently. If this is the case, unfortunately, you'll need to have this part replaced.


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