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5 Tips to Successfully Pair Food & Beer February 21, 2019

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5 Tips to Successfully Pair Food & Beer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Certain foods, like buffalo wings, seem perfectly suited to accompany a cold beer. This isn’t random; it turns out there are guiding principles behind why certain foods pair so well with beer. By learning some quick tips, you can create more tantalizing pairings.    

5 Strategies for Successful Food & Beer Combos

1. Pair a Lager With Fried Foods

Whether you’re sharing appetizers at the bar or enjoying a side of fries with your burger, choose a light lager to cleanse your palate in between bites. These refreshing flavors will help balance out salty foods. German or Belgian lagers are particularly well-suited to fried foods. 

2. Complement Your Meal

One tried-and-true tip for a delightful pairing is to look for matching flavor profiles in your meal and beverage. For example, if you’re enjoying a fresh salad with fruits or nuts, look for a fruity or light beer to accompany it. Try a lambic beer from Belgium, like sour cherry.

3. Go Light With Spicy Foods

wingsHot wings, Cajun seasonings, and similarly bold flavors demand a thirst-quenching, light beer. Lighter lagers, IPAs, and Mexican beers tend to round out spicy flavors. Any variety with hops will also complement spiciness.

4. Consider Your Protein

Certain types of beers work best with specific kinds of protein. Chicken wings, fish sandwiches, and other poultry or seafood dishes might be overpowered by heavy beers. In those cases, blonde or wheat ales are best. Spicy lagers and dark ales or stouts, however, bring out the flavors of burgers and steaks.

5. Give Cheese a Try

A beginner-friendly and universally enjoyed flavor matchup is beer and cheese. You can’t go wrong with the food here: from mozzarella sticks to quesadillas, any cheese-based snack or entrée will pair well with the beer of your choice. Just be sure to opt for a dark lager if you’re snacking on a bold variety, such as goat cheese.


No matter what combination you’re after, Kitty’s Sports Grill in Cincinnati, OH, can deliver a beer and food pairing you’ll enjoy. With a wide variety of wings and homemade sauces as well as favorites like nachos, burgers, and sandwiches, this restaurant welcomes locals and visitors alike. Its owners have been part of the community for more than 50 years and are committed to providing an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. Browse through their menu online or call (513) 421-8900 with any questions.

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