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3 Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents February 13, 2019

Mason, Warren
3 Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents, Mason, Ohio

A snow-covered landscape is beautiful to see—but it poses unique hazards for drivers. Factors like decreased visibility due to falling snow and slippery patches of ice can lead to a car accident if you aren’t careful. Follow the below wintertime driving tips to keep yourself safe on the roads.

Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents This Winter 

1. Turn Off Cruise Control

Cruise control is designed to help you avoid “lead foot” on steady stretches of road where you can maintain an even pace. But, if you lose traction on icy roads, cruise control can actually maintain acceleration, causing the car to surge forward and skid. Turn off cruise control and maintain focus.

2. Pack an Emergency Kit

Keep a wintertime 9-1-1 kit in the trunk of your car in case you do run into trouble on the road. Include a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, extra battery for your phone, and some food and water. In case you do get stuck because of an auto crash, you will be able to call for help and stay warm until assistance arrives. If you require regular medicine—like insulin—pack this as well.

3. Check the Weather

car accidentIf you can, avoid driving in bad conditions. When going on a longer trip—for instance, to visit family out-of-state—check the weather first. If snow and ice is expected, consider rescheduling your journey. If you absolutely must go, make sure you have the “emergency kit” described above and a full tank of gas.


Even with these precautionary measures, car accidents can happen. If you are in an auto crash and experience a personal injury because of another person’s carelessness, consult The Law Office of Gregory S. Young. Located in Cincinnati, OH, this law firm has been serving clients with top-quality legal representation since 1958. Find out more about their work in the area of motor vehicle accidents online. To talk to a lawyer, call (513) 721-1077. For your convenience, they are available 24/7 for personal injury cases.

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