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4 Do's and Don'ts of Building Muscle February 14, 2019

Crescent Springs, Covington
4 Do's and Don'ts of Building Muscle, Covington, Kentucky

Many people who workout in a home gym want to build muscle and improve their strength. However, doing repetitions of arm curls and pushups isn’t the only way to meet these goals. Here are four do’s and don’ts to get you started on the road to bulking up.


Work your way up.

It’s tempting to reach for the heaviest dumbbell in the hopes of quickly gaining muscle. However, this plan can backfire and lead to injuries that keep you out of the home gym for weeks. Instead, start with smaller weights and fewer repetitions to work your way up to many reps with heavier dumbbells. 

Focus on pre-workout nutrition. 

home gym Hamilton County OHExercise is essential in building muscle mass, but so is diet. By following a pre-workout routine of eating lean proteins and fiber, you’ll have more energy and stamina to make it through a session. You’ll also recover better since you won’t have to replenish nutrients because you didn’t plan ahead and eat beforehand.


Only do strength building. 

Lifting weights is a great way to improve strength and build body mass. However, you need to have a well-rounded workout routine to keep your body flexible and better your overall health. Make sure to work in some cardio, stretching, and balance exercises to your home gym routine to keep your body in top shape.

Skip recovery days. 

People often think that they should work out every day for weeks to reach their strength goals. However, rest and recovery are critical elements of building muscles and maintaining productive workouts. Always take a rest day after a particularly hard home gym session so your cells can rebuild. Consider resting one or two days a week to take full advantage of the body’s natural healing powers and better your next work out. 


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