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Why Renters Need Security Systems February 19, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
Why Renters Need Security Systems, Rochester, New York

Feeling safe in your home is critical, even if you’re a renter. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, having a security system in place will keep you, your family, and property protected. Here are a few reasons why even lessees need to take precautions. 

Why Security Systems Are Critical When Renting

Why Safety Systems Matter

Don’t leave your belongings and family at risk. High-crime areas are especially risky, but even relatively safe locales aren’t immune to opportunistic trespassers and thefts. Consider the building’s safety as a whole, such as whether walkways are well-lit, common areas properly maintained, the front entrance consistently locked, and your emergency exits and fire escapes inaccessible to intruders. Properties that seem protected as a whole may not be enough to guard your unit, especially if a careless neighbor props the entrance open or buzzes in strangers. 

Criminals don’t care if your home is rented or owned; in fact, knowing that many rented properties lack protection may make them bolder. Most burglaries happen during the day when people are at work or school and chances are lower that someone will catch them. While keeping windows and doors locked is essential, you may need additional measures. 

How to Improve Security in Your Rental

security systemMake sure deadbolts are in place and functional. If you can upgrade to a smart lock, even better. Add window treatments or films that will obscure valuables inside. Place a wooden dowel from frame to frame to prevent someone sliding them open.

For a more high-tech option, consider adding a security system that includes a burglar alarm, a surveillance camera, and remote monitoring. They’ll usually come with door and window sensors that sound when someone tries to open them. 

Another method is a video doorbell equipped with motion detectors that send images to your device of anyone near your door. These usually come with two-way communication and a way to report an intruder right from your smart phone.

How Your Landlord Can Help

Before installing any security system, review your options with your lessor, especially if substantial changes to the property are entailed. Many burglar alarm companies will also ask the owner to approve and sign off on any improvements. Work with your landlord to find solutions that meet both your needs. They may not want you to install a hardwired camera, for instance, but might compromise on a wireless model. Plus, with a cable-free apparatus, you’ll be able to take the components with you when you move.


For renters in Rochester, NY, who need a security system, Action Security & Communications is the company to call. For more than three decades they’ve offered residential and commercial customers the best in alarms and surveillance. They also provide smoke and fire alarms as well as intercom systems and medical alert setups. Call (585) 232-1410 for your installation or visit them online for more information.

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