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3 Signs It’s Time for a New Mattress February 22, 2019

Collinsville, Madison
3 Signs It’s Time for a New Mattress, Collinsville, Illinois

A mattress is one of those purchases that becomes a core part of your home after you buy it. But even if it serves you well for many years, the material will eventually begin to degrade, and you’ll need to find a replacement. The sooner you notice the issue, the faster you’ll be able to safeguard your body and sleep habits. Here’s a guide to clues you should look into purchasing a new mattress. 

How to Tell You Need a New Mattress

1. You Sleep Better Elsewhere

Since changes in a mattress are so slow and incremental, it often takes a change of scenery to tip you off that it’s in decline. If you’re on a business trip or in a relative’s guest room for a holiday and notice you slept much better than usual, the difference is likely the mattress. Ask yourself if you’ve been feeling restored when you wake up, and if you’ve been tossing and turning much more than usual at home. 

2. The Mattress Has a Major Sag

A high-performance mattress should have an even grade throughout its surface. If you notice a shallow depression at different points in the mattress, it’s a sign that the support and compression have begun faltering. Not only are these sags unsightly, but they can have adverse effects on your back and other parts of your body. 

3. You Can Feel the Internal Structure 

mattressAnother indicator that your mattress is on the decline is when you start becoming aware of its inner structure. When you move around on the bed, you should only be feeling a sensation of comfort. Take immediate note if you are prodded by a spring or if you are sinking to the point you can feel a support board. In both cases, the top of the mattress has worn down and can no longer properly buffer you from the internal structure. 


If it seems like your mattress has passed its prime, make plans to visit a trusted mattress store like Uncle Dave's Mattresses and Stuff. Serving Collinsville, IL, for over nine decades, these professionals offer hyper-comfortable bedding, such as memory foam mattresses. To find out about their current inventory, just call (618) 344-5123 or visit them online