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FAQs About Roadside Assistance February 19, 2019

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FAQs About Roadside Assistance, Anderson, Ohio

No matter how attentive a driver you are, a dead battery, flat tire, or empty fuel tank can leave you stranded on the road or in a parking lot. When that happens, you’ll need roadside assistance from a towing company. But if you’ve never called for this service before, you might have a few questions about the process. The guide below answers a few of the most common so you know what to expect.

Common Questions About Roadside Assistance

What services are available?

The most common causes for being stranded are dead batteries, empty fuel tanks, flat tires, and lockouts. A roadside assistance company can help with all of these scenarios, delivering fuel, jumping your vehicle, and bringing spare tires. If none of these options help, you’ll need to rely on their towing services.

Where will your car be towed?

If your car needs more than a tire replacement or a battery jump, you’ll have to get it towed. The location is up to you. If you’re an avid DIYer, you may want the vehicle towed to your home so you can work on repairs. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to tow it to your mechanic so they can fix it. However, if you know your car has driven its last, it may be worth taking it to a junkyard.

What hours is assistance available?

roadside assistanceYou should make it a priority to find a reliable roadside assistance company that will serve you around the clock. Many companies offer 24/7 assistance, so you can be sure you’re covered, no matter the time of day or night.

Does my insurance cover the assistance?

Some insurance policies will automatically include roadside assistance, up to a certain number of times each year. Others allow you to purchase an additional rider to your policy. You can also seek coverage through a third-party provider. You should consider the age of your car when choosing from these policies—the older your car is, the more likely you’ll need roadside assistance eventually.


If you need the best roadside assistance in southern Ohio, you can rely on A1 Towing Cincinnati. This family-owned and -operated company offers 24/7 help, including battery jumps, pull out services for snowy days, and fuel delivery. They’ll even remove your junk cars for free. To schedule prompt, friendly assistance or towing day or night, call (513) 602-­5493.

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