Linwood, Ohio

3 Ways Icynene® Foam Insulation Creates a Greener Building February 22, 2019

Linwood, Cincinnati
3 Ways Icynene® Foam Insulation Creates a Greener Building, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you’re putting up a new building or providing maintenance for an existing one, you’ll need to make a choice about what type of insulation you use. Beyond simply keeping residents more comfortable, that insulation plays a surprisingly large role in the environmental impact of the structure. Here’s a guide to why Icynene® foam insulation is one of your most sustainable options. 

How Icynene Foam Insulation Makes Your Building More Environmentally Friendly

1. Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the greatest virtues of Icynene foam is that it’s a free-form spray that molds itself perfectly to whatever structure it’s agIcynene foamainst. Unlike traditional fiberglass which stacks against a wall and leaves tiny pockets, the foam can fill every nook and cranny, allowing it to create a more effective barrier. As a result, there will be a significant decline of escaping air, allowing your HVAC machines to exert less energy as they regulate the temperature of the building. 

2. Avoid Stuffing Landfills

Not only do fiberglass and styrofoam degrade much quicker than Icynene spray foam insulation, but they also take up much more space in a landfill since they’re bigger and bulkier. Spray foam is mostly air and simply takes up less room. Since it lasts so much longer, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon anyway. 

3. Fortify Your Walls

Since Icynene foam is applied to even the smallest cracks in a wall, it actually acts as a type of glue providing the structure with extra integrity. As the years pass, and materials begin to degrade, that reinforcement will help add years to your walls’ lifespans as they face increasing pressures from weather and weight. The longer your walls last, the longer you can wait until committing resources and energy to replace them. 


If you’re hoping to make your building as sustainable as possible, ask Priority 1 Construction Service in the Tri-State area about their Icynene foam insulation. Serving communities across Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana, the insulation expert is a licensed vendor of this green-building insulation. To find out more about the product, just call (513) 922-0203 or send a message through their website

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