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How Can I Make My Laptop Quieter? February 21, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
How Can I Make My Laptop Quieter?, Staten Island, New York

Whether you’re in a college classroom or at the boardroom table, being the one person with a loud computer is embarrassing. While it is normal for laptops to cool themselves down with the help of an internal fan, excessive heat can make this component spin wildly. If you can’t remember the last time your computer didn’t sound like a plane taking off, use the following information to get to the bottom of this laptop repair issue.

3 Ways to Make Your Laptop Quieter

1. Clean It Out

Laptops are most often loud because they’re running too hot. Like a filter in an air conditioner, this temperature issue could be caused by the buildup of dust, lint, and other particles inside your computer. If you feel comfortable, you can unscrew the bottom of your laptop and use an air compressor to gently blow dust out of the air vent. If the sound continues when you power your computer back up, the problem is likely more ingrained in the hardware.

2. Quit Strenuous Programs

laptop repairAnother cause of excessive heat is an overworked computer. The most telling measure of a computer’s workload is its CPU reading, which can be found on a Mac’s Activity Monitor and a Windows computer’s Task Manager. If a certain application or activity is to blame for your laptop’s heat production, quit it and see if the noise improves.

3. Arrange for Laptop Repair

If these solutions fall short, take your computer to a laptop repair technician. If the sound is more like a rattling or clanging, the fan itself may need to be replaced. However, if your complaint is mainly due to a high fan speed due to an overheated laptop, the technician may have to make more serious repairs, such as a motherboard replacement.


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