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4 Significant Benefits of Starting SAT Prep Early February 20, 2019

Avon, Hartford County
4 Significant Benefits of Starting SAT Prep Early , Avon, Connecticut

The SAT is a significant part of most high school students’ academic careers. Along with participation in extracurricular activities and an excellent GPA, a high SAT score is essential for a shot at getting into a good college. If your student is entering their junior or senior year of high school, here are four reasons to encourage them to start SAT prep sooner rather than later. 

Why Kids Should Start SAT Prep Early 

1. More Time

It’s challenging enough to juggle school coursework with extracurricular activities and personal and family obligations. When you add test prep to the load, it can be overwhelming. By starting SAT prep early, you’ll have more time to focus and prepare without added stress and pressure. This also provides you with enough time to diagnose your trouble areas and strengths, so you know what you need to spend more time working on.

2. No Strategy Conflicts

SATprepAside from time conflicts, balancing coursework and test prep can also be difficult because of the study strategies for each varies. In your courses, you’ll need to complete particular assignments and remember specific information related to the content of the class. With SAT prep, on the other hand, you must have a solid foundation of knowledge covering a broad base of topics. Perhaps more importantly, you need to be able to analyze and reason. By doing SAT prep in the summer, you’ll be able to hone these essential skills without taking the focus away from your coursework studies.

3. Access to Tutors

SAT prep tutors are a valuable asset and the earlier you start working with them, the more time they’ll have to help you succeed. Additionally, the best tutors are typically booked fast. By scheduling well in advance, you’ll ensure you get to work with a skilled professional who’ll provide the one-on-one time you need.

4. Maintain Your Brain

Summertime is a much-needed respite from the hectic school year, but it’s also an opportunity to exercise your brain and refresh your knowledge of challenging topics. Like your body, if your brain doesn’t get adequate exercise, you’re likely to struggle when you get back to work again. This is particularly true with SAT prep. If you spend the summer doing nothing intellectual or academic, you’ll likely be frustrated with yourself in the fall. 


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