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4 Common Household Items to Take to a Scrap Yard February 22, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
4 Common Household Items to Take to a Scrap Yard , Rochester, New York

Recycling is a practical way to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment while ridding your home of clutter. Recycling metal, for example, can produce a decent payout at a scrap yard. Here are four common household items to consider scrapping. 

4 Everyday Metal Items to Recycle 

1. Fixtures & Hardware

Many handles, knobs, and light fixtures are made with brass, which is derived from copper and zinc. Look for metal with a yellow tint, which often indicates brass. Small hardware supplies and keys are also made of brass.

2. Appliances

scrapyardDo you have outdated appliances lying around, such as dishwashers, water heaters, or ovens? Many such appliances have salvageable metals. Washers, dryers, and air conditioners, for instance, may contain copper and steel.

3. Outdoor Items

Outdoor items, such as gutters, rusted patio furniture, and landscaping equipment like weed whackers may contain salvageable metals. Chain-link and other metal fencing can also be recycled. If you’re unsure whether a particular item is a candidate, call the scrap yard beforehand to find out. They can also tell you if an item needs to be prepared. Chainsaws, for instance, must be drained before you can recycle them

4. Auto Parts

Whether you’ve been in a car wreck and totaled your car or have an old junker that’s on its last legs, scrapping it will get you cash faster than selling it will. Auto parts are sought-after at many scrap yards, particularly materials like radiators, catalytic converters, electric motors, wheels, axles, chrome and aluminum rims, and auto batteries. 


If you’re a Monroe County resident with items to recycle, take them to Metalico Rochester, the area’s go-to scrap yard. Their three locations accept a broad range of items, from aluminum siding and used appliances to hardware and car parts. They also provide pickup and drop-off options for your convenience. Call (585) 436-0713 to speak with a friendly team member or visit the website for a full list of accepted strap materials. 

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