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3 Winter Maintenance Tasks Your Car Needs February 19, 2019

Farmington, Ontario
3 Winter Maintenance Tasks Your Car Needs, Farmington, New York

Motorists in colder climates are used to winter weather and the preparations it necessitates. However, with a busy schedule, it’s easy to overlook vehicle maintenance until the temperatures drop and snow starts to fall. Without preparing, however, you can run into car issues, leaving you on the side of the road. Here are a few common car problems that occur in winter, as well as tips to avoid auto repairs.

A Guide to Winter Vehicle Maintenance 

1. Test Your Battery

Freezing temperatures can drain a car battery of its power, but there are ways to stop it from dying. If your vehicle’s battery is more than five years old, replace it. If it’s two or more years old, have it tested by an auto repair shop at least once every winter. They have the diagnostic tools to determine if the battery needs to be recharged.  

2. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

auto repairWindshield wipers can freeze and get stuck to the glass, and it’s not uncommon for drivers to accidentally break them while dislodging them. Install winter wiper blades, which are covered in thin layer of rubber that prevent it from getting stuck, to prevent these issues. Used and worn wipers can further reduce your visibility, which can already be jeopardized by sleet and snow. 

3. Get an Oil Change

Cold weather can cause the fluids and lubricants inside your car to harden and thicken, making them less effective and hurting your vehicle’s efficiency. Take your vehicle in for a routine oil change during the winter; auto repair technicians can check your vehicle’s fluids to ensure you have the amount your car needs. A technician will use engine oil and other vehicle fluids that are available in winter versions that won’t freeze. 


If you need winter auto repair and maintenance services in Monroe County, NY, contact Advent Automotive. Their technicians have more than 50 years of combined experience, and they can help you with routine oil changes, transmission services, and vehicle inspections. If a repair is needed, you can expect accurate results and competitive rates. Call (585) 254-2450 or visit them online today to learn more about their services.

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