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3 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Water Clear February 19, 2019

Scotch Plains, Union
3 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Water Clear, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

If you have a pool, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance—or even get pool renovations—to prevent the water from turning green. Without proper maintenance, your pool won’t keep its aesthetic appeal, and it can be unhealthy to swim in. Here are a few tips to maintain your backyard oasis. 

How to Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear

1. Adjust the Pool Chemicals

Pool chemical balancing plays an essential role in ensuring the water is clean and clear. If the makeup of the pool becomes unbalanced—for example, if the pH levels are too high—the water will become cloudy and green. To address this issue, add a gallon of muriatic acid to kill off the algae. This should be done monthly and whenever you notice a greenish tint.

2. Clean the Filters

pool renovationClean the filters to ensure they can adequately remove contaminants from the water. To clean them, backwash the system; this is done by having the water go through the system in the opposite direction. Check your pools pressure gauge regularly and clean out the filters if you notice that the pressure is abnormally high.  

3. Install a New Finish

Pool linings should be smooth to promote safety and mitigate the growth of algae. If the lining is older, it will begin to crack and wear down as time passes, leaving markings. These areas can provide the perfect environment for algae to grow. By having a pool renovation expert install a new finish, you’ll recreate that smooth texture to limit algae issues and keep your water crystal clear.


When you’re ready to install a new pool finish, contact the pool renovation experts at Gutierrez Pool Plastering in Plainfield, NJ. They have more than 38 years of experience renovating pools for residents in Bernardsville, Mendham, and Short Hills. Call (908) 756-7585 or visit the website for information on their pool renovation services. 

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