Spring Valley, Nevada

Maid Brigade culture February 11, 2019

Spring Valley, Clark
Maid Brigade culture, Spring Valley, Nevada

Any good service business  is only as good as the people doing the service. Here at Maid Brigade Las Vegas we pride ourselves in employee culture. We also pride ourselves in the fact that our employee culture is a major  difference between us and our competitors. 

We also pride ourselves in the  intangibles like bonding licensing insurance communication trust ACCOUNTABILITY etc..... Anyone can clean a house but what are you getting above and beyond that??

We feel that this employee culture has a trickle effect on to our client base, and we are proud to boast a very strong employee and client relationship.  And it all starts at the top.  The owner and manager of Maid Brigade both  have direct interaction with their customers and their employees. Ownership and management are also very prompt and responsive.  

The best value for your service very rarely equates to the best price in any industry, but especially housecleaning. If someone is cleaning your 3000 ft.² house for $100 every two weeks there's a reason.  You cant get mad if they scratch your $2000 fridge and you never see them again.  

We have to be responsible consumers.  Make sure your house and family are protected and that you are bringing in licensed bonded insured  professionals.   Make sure they CARE about your home and family and pets!

If you are interested in using Maid Brigade Las Vegas

please mention this article.  and received $25 off.  

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