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Homes, Yards and Pets February 11, 2019

Ronan, Lake
Homes, Yards and Pets, Ronan, Montana

Well, we all know winter has arrived with a bang.  Not only is your home at risk in the cold, snow and wind consider your pets.  I don’t  think a house is a home without a dog.  However, that being said its a big financial and emotional commitment to have a pet.  Consider winter for instance.  We have a winter proof doggy door.  That way the fur people can go in and out at will and we don’t lose a lot of heat to the outdoors.  Make sure you have a fenced yard to protect your fur babies from other roaming animals and most of all to keep them safe at home.  There are many types of doggy door and I would be happy to answer questions about them.  Be sure you have plenty of fresh water available.  With a doggy door the water bowl is in the kitchen.  Should you want to have water available outside they make heated dishes so the water doesn’t freeze.

Consider for a moment what your house goes through in the winter. Ice can freeze on the eaves and water can back up on the roof and leak into your house.  Rain gutters can come crashing down unless securely attached to the eaves.  Decks need to be shoveled to avoid slipping and tracking into the house as well as all that moisture and weight sitting on the surface.

If you have questions about maintenance or your home and what winter can do please give us a call and we would be glad to offer our knowledge to you.

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