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Does Car Insurance Cover Dent Repairs for Hail Damage? February 12, 2019

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Does Car Insurance Cover Dent Repairs for Hail Damage?, Covington, Kentucky

You expect your auto insurance to cover dent repair after a parking lot fender bender, but what about a hail storm? If you don’t have the right type of insurance coverage, you could find yourself paying out of pocket to get your vehicle looking like its old self again. Here’s what you need to know about hail damage and dent repair.

What Is Collision & Comprehensive Coverage?

There are two types of insurance you can have for your own vehicle repairs—collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is generally paired with liability insurance. This way, insurance will cover your own collision repairs and medical expenses, as well as those of other drivers if you cause an accident. However, these types of coverage only apply to accidents involving other vehicles.

dent repairsTo receive coverage for hail damage, you must also carry comprehensive coverage. This coverage is essentially designed to address any damage that isn’t the result of a vehicle collision. In addition to hail damage, it can also cover flood damage, vandalism, or animal collisions. Without this coverage, you will be fully responsible for these types of repairs.

How Can You Have a Smooth Claims Process?

You should always file hail damage claims as quickly as possible. Not only does this help you get your car fixed that much sooner, but many insurance companies have a limited time frame, usually several months, for you to file a claim. If you wait too long, you won’t get coverage.

Many insurance companies have preferred repair shops for addressing hail damage and other issues. While you are always free to choose your own repair facility, choosing a body shop that already has an established relationship with your insurance company will make it easier to process everything related to your claim.


No matter what type of dent repair you need, you can count on Crone’s Auto Body in Kenton County, KY, to help your vehicle look like new. In business for over 70 years, this third-generation family-owned body shop is committed to providing high-quality work at fair prices. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (859) 356-1800.

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