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3 Electrical Components to Check Before Moving Into a New Home February 22, 2019

Texarkana, Miller
3 Electrical Components to Check Before Moving Into a New Home, Texarkana, Arkansas

When purchasing an older home, it’s important to do your due diligence before moving in—especially when it comes to the electrical wiring. It’s common for these properties to have older wiring in place, and if it is not fully inspected, you could be at risk of a fire. Protect your family by checking the following components in addition to scheduling an inspection with a professional electrician.

Which Electrical Fixtures Should You Fully Inspect Before Moving Into a New Home?

1. Electrical Panel

The fuses and circuit breakers inside the electrical panel are your first line of defense against an overload of electricity, which could result in a fire. Ensure all the circuit breakers are the correct size, and check for arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), which are specific circuit breakers that check for and break unintentional low voltage electrical discharges caused by damaged conductors and connectors. 

2. Outlets & Switcheselectrician

Before moving any furniture into your new residence, check the condition of all outlets in each room. They should be three-pronged and have undamaged plate covers. Actually touch the outlet and switch covers to make sure they are not loose or warm. If any do feel warm, have noticeable discoloration around the edges of the covering, or are producing a buzzing or cracking sound, call an electrician before using them. There could be a wiring issue that needs to be addressed.

3. Light Fixtures

Locate all ceiling and wall-mounted light fixtures and check that they are securely in place. Before installing any bulbs, check the wattage of the fixture to avoid exceeding the amount. Otherwise, the lighting appliance could overheat, and if any combustible objects are nearby, they could catch on fire. 

If you are moving into an older home, contact the electricians at Service First Electrical and Plumbing in Texarkana, AR, to determine if it is electrically sound to live in. Since 1967, these electrical contractors have provided repair, replacement, installation services to homes and businesses throughout the Four States area. Call these electricians today at (870) 775-1035 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their services.