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Do's & Don’ts for Organizing Your Storage Unit February 20, 2019

Do's & Don’ts for Organizing Your Storage Unit, ,

Storage units are an effective way to reduce clutter around your home and keep your possessions safe. However, it can be sometimes easy to forget where you placed each of your items. To prevent confusion and time delays in the future, the guide below offers suggestions for keeping your belongings arranged in an orderly manner.


Install shelving.

Installing shelves in the unit is an effective way to maximize minimal space and maintain easy access to your belongings. Just store boxes with fragile items on the bottom shelves to prevent the risk of breakage. 

Label the unit

Without labels, it’s easy to forget which items are stored in each box. Therefore, either use clear plastic containers that allow you to see the contents or label all sides of the boxes.


Forget to take inventory.

Make an inventory of all of the items before placing them in boxes, so you know exactly what you have in each. Keep one copy at home and another taped to the wall of the unit to ensure you can find your belongings easily. 

Put items in the wrong places.

When it’s time to put items back into the storage unit, adhere to your set system. While it may be tempting after the busy holiday season, for example, to let a few boxes of decorations go unlabeled, doing so makes it easier to fall into a pattern of disorganization. Furthermore, avoid taking multiple containers off the shelves at one time. Place them back neatly where they belong. 


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