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5 Tips for Moving With Pets February 18, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
5 Tips for Moving With Pets, Manhattan, New York

Moving isn’t just a stressful time for you; it can also be very confusing and overwhelming for your pets. It’s important that you take your four-legged friends’ needs into account as you choose a new home and pack up your belongings on moving day. Easing the transition can help them get comfortable and happy in their new home. In addition to hiring movers to ease some of the burdens on you and your family, there are other ways to make moving with pets easier.

How to Successfully Move With Pets

1. Pet-Proof Your New House

Before you even get to moving day, it’s important to choose a home that can accommodate your pet’s needs. For example, if you have a dog, make sure there’s a fence that goes around the entire property. If there isn’t one, you should have one installed before your moving day.

2. Keep Them Out of the Way

moversMoving day can be quite stressful for your pets. If possible, take them to a friend or family member’s home where they’ll be comfortable as you and the movers gather your belongings into a truck. If that’s not an option, secure them in a back room with their own bed, toys, food, and water. Check on them regularly to make sure they have all their needs met. 

3. Make Their Journey Comfortable

Long drives can also be stressful for animals. Keep them in your car with you, and pack them in their kennel with a comfortable blanket and a couple of toys to keep them occupied. When stopping for a rest along the way, don’t leave your pet in the car alone, as cold or hot weather can lead to issues like heatstroke.

4. Keep Essentials on Hand

As you pack, make sure you can easily access all the items your pets need throughout the journey and when you arrive at your new place. Pack a separate box with their food and water dishes, medications, and accessories. Pack a lot of water, especially if you’re traveling on a warm day, and avoid feeding your pet while the car is moving. 


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