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4 Ways Self-Defense Training Can Help You March 15, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
4 Ways Self-Defense Training Can Help You, Scarsdale, New York

Self-defense training is beneficial for both men and women, as this type of discipline can help save you from a potentially dangerous situation. Along with teaching you important life skills, it can also help you be a fitter, more assured person overall by challenging your mind and body. Below are four reasons why this training is beneficial. 

4 Reasons to Take Self-Defense Training

1. It Builds Confidence

Along with contributing to a poor self-image, confidence issues can also prevent you from pursuing opportunities, whether they are professional or social. As you tackle obstacles and push your limit during self-defense classes, your confidence will boost as you start to perfect different poses and techniques. 

2.  It’s Good for Your Body

Self-Defense TrainingIf you want to start exercising but are turned off by conventional workouts, self-defense classes might be right for you. Learning self-defense keeps you engaged due to dynamic lessons. You’ll also be privy to many different skills, which stops training from becoming boring. This is highly motivating for people who have a hard time sticking to fitness regimens.

3. It’s Empowering

Women’s self-defense can be very empowering, especially for those concerned about their ability to protect themselves against potential attacks and assaults. Progressing through classes is a great way to tap into a sense of power. 

4. It Helps You Diffuse Situations

While you’ll learn self-defense tactics and techniques, you’ll also learn how to assess and diffuse potentially dangerous situations. For instance, instructors provide students with insight on how to avoid issues, as well as what to do if approached threateningly. After perfecting these skills, you can teach family members the basic techniques so you can protect those you love in the process. 



Self-defense training can help people of all ages tap into their inner warriors. That is the philosophy at 914 Training Center, which aims to help residents of Scarsdale, NY, build strength as well as confidence. They offer a variety of classes, all of which are taught by skilled and supportive instructors. Courses include Krav Maga, Japanese Ju-jitsu, and Muay Thai. They also offer classes geared toward people 50 and older, as well as mixed martial arts training. Call (914) 437-5353 to ask about specific classes or visit their website for more information on class schedules.

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