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4 Common Hazards Your Home Insurance Policy Doesn't Cover July 15, 2015

Staten Island, New York City, NY
4 Common Hazards Your Home Insurance Policy Doesn't Cover, Staten Island, New York

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying their insurance policy and never looking at it again. They believe that their policy covers any kind of damage, only to discover that there are many situations most home insurance policies don't cover. Midland Insurance Agency in Staten Island is transparent about this sort of information, so you can always turn to them for help and insight. They want to help inform you about certain kinds of insurance situations:

  • Most water damage. In some instances, insurance will pay for damage caused by broken pipes, but not if the cause was routine damage or an aging system. Flood damages are also not covered, so if you live in a high-risk area you'll need a separate flood insurance policy.
  • Earth movements. Sinkholes and earthquakes are capable of inflicting an incredible amount of damage, with the potential of completely destroying your home. However, the standard homeowner's insurance policy doesn't cover movements of the earth without an additional amendment to your policy.
  • Mold growth. Not only is mold growth inside your home unsightly, but it may pose a health threat to your family, especially anyone with allergies or breathing problems. Most policies limit the amount of coverage or exclude mold altogether.
  • Sewer backups. When your local sewage system backs up into your home, it can result in considerable damage to your belongings, your electrical system, and the structure of the building itself. However, if you want to be protected against this hazard your policy will require an additional endorsement.

To learn more about how Midland can help you in the case of the above events or to get insurance quotes, visit Midland Insurance Agency online now or call (347) 705-7912.