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How Driver Safety Courses Help Defendants in Traffic Court February 11, 2019

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How Driver Safety Courses Help Defendants in Traffic Court, High Point, North Carolina

DUIs, reckless driving, and even less serious offenses such as speeding can have long-term consequences that outweigh the fines. In addition to paying the ticket, you may also have points issued against your license, which usually triggers an increase in auto insurance premiums. To reduce the penalties associated with moving violations, traffic ticket lawyers often urge their clients to take a defensive driving course.

How Defensive Driving Courses Can Help in Traffic Court

Reducing Points on Your License

Most states allow drivers to reduce the points on their license by taking a defensive driving course. In North Carolina, drivers with more than seven points on their licenses may take an approved safety course for a reduction of three points. However, these benefits are not automatic, so consult a traffic ticket lawyer to guide you through the process.

Having Tickets Dismissed

traffic ticket lawyerDrivers with clean records facing relatively minor charges may petition the court to dismiss the ticket if they complete an approved driving course. If the judge approves your request, the ticket will not go on your record, potentially saving you significant money in auto insurance premiums over the next few years.

Penalty Reductions for More Serious Offenses

DUIs and reckless driving charges often result in license suspensions, major fines, and even jail time. A skilled traffic ticket lawyer can often negotiate with prosecutors for a reduced sentence, which often includes completing a safe driving course. Depending on the severity of the charge, these programs can help you regain your license or lower the amount of your fines.


If you’ve been charged with a moving violation anywhere in the High Point, NC area, Thomas W. Smothers, Attorney At Law will work to achieve the best possible outcome. Based on their extensive experience, this law firm will identify your legal options and aggressively represent your interests throughout the process. To discuss your case with a traffic ticket lawyer, call their offices at (336) 885-1240 today.

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