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Does Your Air Compressor Need OEM Parts? February 19, 2019

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
Does Your Air Compressor Need OEM Parts?, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Any business—or individual—who relies on an air compressor must perform regular maintenance and deal with breakdowns when they happen. Instead of using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) materials, it's often much less expensive to use aftermarket air compressor parts. However, you’ll need to decide if that option makes sense for you. Although aftermarket parts may sometimes work out to your advantage, it may be better to use OEM parts in some circumstances.

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For one thing, you know that OEM air compressor parts are made by the same manufacturer. If you're happy with the quality of the tool, you can expect the OEM parts to live up to your expectations. Furthermore, you know the parts were designed and machined specifically for your equipment. You may not achieve the same level of precision of dimensions and tolerances with parts made by an aftermarket manufacturer. However, if you are planning to replace the tool soon, it may make more sense to purchase the less expensive aftermarket parts.


Another consideration is that the warranty of most compressors requires you to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule. This includes the use of OEM air compressor parts. Failure to do so could void your warranty and may become expensive if anything goes wrong later. However, if the warranty has expired, aftermarket parts may be the right choice for you.


For a comprehensive selection of both OEM and aftermarket air compressor parts, contact Industrial Compressor Supplies. They are based in Maryland Heights, MO, but they supply coolers, lubricants, and parts to customers across the U.S. They carry supplies and parts for all major compressor brands, including Atlas Copco®, Champion®, Ingersoll Rand®, Gardner Denver®, and Sullair®. Visit their website to register as a new customer, and call (877) 426-3131 for more information about their air compressor parts.

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